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Emergency numbers

What should you do in Solothurn in the event of an emergency? Here’s an overview of the key numbers to call.

In the event of theft, a medical emergency or the loss of valuables, the following telephone numbers and addresses will help.

Key numbers

International emergency number112
Solothurn police117
Fire service118
Roadside assistance140
Rescue service, emergency medical service144
REGA Swiss air rescue1414
Toxinfo Poisoning and Poison Information145
Solothurn canton emergency doctor0848 112 112
FDFA Helpline+41 800 247 365
Solothurn town lost property office+41 32 626 99 11

Solothurn hospital

Bürgerspital Solothurn
Schöngrünstrasse 42
4500 Solothurn

Personal crises

‘Dargebotene Hand’ crisis line143
Child and youth welfare147




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